Philosophy of Education You Must Know Before Getting College Admission

The way of examining methods and meaning of education is known as the philosophy of education. It is a combination of the field of education and applied philosophy. There are many reasons to study the philosophy of education as a major subject like a philosophy of education has intrinsic value, it is helpful to understand liberal arts education and it is helpful to avail best job opportunities. Before getting admission into college, you should have enough idea about the philosophy of education. Master dissertation writing services points out that the philosophy of education you must know before getting admission into the college is explained below; 

1) Axiology

The philosophical study of values is known as axiology. In axiology, there come two kinds of values. First is ethics and second is aesthetics. In ethics, you have to study and investigate good and right values. In aesthetics, you have to study concepts of beauty and harmony. Axiology is also known as the theory of values. The significance of axiology lies in considerable expansions and unification of data. After studying axiology, we are able to get answers to questions like what are values, how these values come into society and how to judge the nature of these values. 

2) Epistemology

The study of nature and scope of knowledge is known as epistemology. In epistemology, we also study the nature of knowledge and how this knowledge is related to some notions like beliefs, truths and justifications etc. The production and dissimilation of knowledge are also studied in epistemology. Epistemology also provides answers to some essential questions like what is knowledge, how to acquire knowledge, what are problems to acquire that knowledge and how to justify that knowledge. There are also some theories relevant to knowledge acquisition like empiricism, rationalism and constructivism. The beliefs of theory should be justified in such a way that these beliefs should fit together with other beliefs. 

3) Logic

A systematic study of the most important laws of truth is known as logic. The branch of philosophy in which we examine the scope and nature of logic is known as the philosophy of logic. In the philosophy of education, we also study the relation of logics with mathematics and some other disciplines. There are lots of verities of logic like laws of thought, reasoning, argumentation and implication etc. After studying the philosophy of logic, one will be able to evaluate arguments and to provide reasoning in favour of these arguments. 

4) Metaphysics

The branch of philosophy in which we study the nature of existence, being and the world is known as metaphysics. We can also say that metaphysics itself provides a foundation for philosophy. There are three main branches of metaphysics. First is ontology and it deals with being and existence. Second is natural theology which studies God and the existence of the divine. The third is known as universal science and it deals with principles of logic and reasoning. If we study metaphysics, we come to know that metaphysics has been attacked lots of times. Sometimes, it is called that metaphysics is futile and sometimes, it is also asked that metaphysics is overly vague. 

Before getting admission to college, it is necessary for students that they should have a brief idea about these aspects of the philosophy of education. 

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