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Psychiatry is the branch of medicine and focuses on the treatment of mental illness, abnormal behavior and emotional disturbance. However, the main purpose of psychiatry is diagnosis, prevention of mental illness and treatment of behavioral disorder. A psychiatrist is also known as M.D or D.O, because, he gets education in mental health and mental disorder treatment. A D.O is qualified to cure mental problems as well as physical problems. Feeling of sadness, hopelessness, anxiousness, long-term memory, thoughts of suicide, negativity, pessimism, panic attack and mental disorder are the conditions in which you need to help of psychiatric.

Dissertation Topics In Psychiatry
Writing psychiatry dissertation is very effortless work if student is able to find a good and excellent topic. If a student finds the interesting topic in which he has knowledge then it is sure that he can write it very easily. So, selecting a dissertation topic in psychiatry is intimidating task. In this post, we are sharing some topics with complete details that you can follow in the process of dissertation.

1. Depression and microbuses
2. Pain management and sleeping disorder
3. Mental health and psychiatric nursing
4. Brain cancer and breast cancer
5. Clinical cardiology
6. CVD prevention
7. Eating disorder and dialysis
8. Emerging and reemerging of dangerous diseases
9. Restlessness legs syndrome
10. HIV prevention ad hypertension
11. Substance abuse and skin cancer
12. Trauma and hypocorism

Suicide And Self-Harm
Before writing on a topic, it is most essential to make deep research and investigation on it. You can write topics, about self-harm and suicide, collecting the material of these topics is not difficult, because, you can find many people who have suicide attempt and harm their selves. By meeting and chatting with these people, you can judge their stressful conditions.

Anxiety And Depression
As we know that in this modern world, the numbers of people who are mentally disturb increasing with the passage of time. So, selecting a topic about depression and anxiety would be an amazing choice, because, it this way, you can provide many useful tips to the people to avoid and reduce their stressful situation. In your dissertation, you should write about the feeling of overwhelming and the consequences of it.

Eating Disorder
Eating disorder is another main cause of the mental disorder. It does not affect mind-health, but an eating disorder is very harmful to physical health. So, if your society’s people are facing eating disorder, you need to aware them about this mental disorder. By meeting with them, you can collect material for your dissertating. The collected material will be original and you can increase your grades.

Phobias And Physical Health
Most people are conscious about their physical health. If they have any problem in their physical structure then they become the victim of negativity. For example, if a person is at the last stage of his cancer, what will be his wishes and what will his situation. You need to choose these topics for your dissertation. The phobia is like a fear that looms in the heads of the people who are facing this mental disorder. You need to search a topic about phobias and write why people are so fearful form some special things.

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