Pros and Cons of Using Technology in Studies

Technology in Studies
Remember the days when there used to be only some piles of books and multiple colored pens to highlight text? People studied through the books, made hundreds of hand written notes, and kept on writing all day long by hiring cheap dissertation writing services. That was the time without technology. Looking us answers in various books, digging information and sometimes failing at it because it was nonetheless no easy task. Turning pages, keeping bookmarks, missing pages etc was all the things in the past. Exchanging books and getting one book for the entire group to study from. Taking notes by writing from the books or getting important parts photocopied.

Today, printers, phone cameras, Google and content available online has changed the education scene. Instead of turning pages of a hundred books in an hour to find relevant information, one writes the keywords in commas on Google and all the related content is at your finger tips. Even a person who cannot manage to go to school, who already is a parent and he feels like he should get into education once again can pick up his laptop and signup for free courses that has some worth as well. Technology has made things way easier, you don’t need to wait for that certain book and your turn to get the hold of the book.

Just ask your friend to take some photos of the topic you desperately want to examine and email them to you, or better yet, whatsapp. The photocopying took time and used paper and money, photos taken through phone takes none. So in these aspects, things have become easier than ever. You don’t need to go to a friend’s place for studying; you can instead video call him if you both are running short of time. All of these things and all of this technology have emerged so fast the same generation who learned writing on small chalk boards is now using virtual reality to experience visiting far off places and even planets!

But is this entirely fruitful if you are able to get highest marks? Are there no drawbacks of this much technology? Of course there are! What would you do with no power and no energy backups, wifi and low battery? A person who has seen the times without technology may know the survival skills but the generation who has learned formation of letter on a touch screen and has zero writing speed or has never done anything without watching a tutorial?

Technology needs to be incorporated in education to save time, but one must know that it can never replace a person’s skills and one must always know that there will always be the need of our own capability and we must learn to survive independently without relying too much on the technology. Turns out that this ever evolving advanced technology has saved lots of time, money and paper wastage and has more advantages than disadvantages but it has not yet taken over human capability and is not yet independent like a human being.

Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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