Thursday, January 23, 2020

How To Write A Short Essay To Achieve Academic Success

How To Write A Short Essay
As we know that, an essay is like an article, a thesis or a composition which is given to us as a coursework by our instructor. In order to write an essay to meet with academic success, there are some points which you should keep in your mind. We hope that when you shall follow these points, then at the end of the day, you will be able to achieve the necessary format and style which should be in your essay. These points are easy to understand and easy to adopt. These points are given below;

Develop a planWithout planning, we cannot achieve anything in this world. So, same is the case with your essay writing. Before writing an essay you should keep in mind your strength and weakness. Try to give more time to your weakness. In order to write an essay, it is necessary for you to make a plan by hiring a reliable essay writing service. In this planning, you should keep some time for rest. A part of your planning should be brainstorming and brain refreshing. If you write your essay with proper planning, then you will be able to write your essay accurately.

Consider the easy questionsWhen our teacher or instructor gives us an essay to write, then many questions come into our mind according to the title of the essay. But you should concentrate only those questions for which you have proper answers. There is no need to concentrate on those questions for which you don’t have any answer. In this way, you should brainstorm all the questions about the topic of your essay. If you brainstorm all the questions about the topic of your essay then you will feel easy to write an essay.

Research your essay topicIf you are facing difficulty in order to collect the data of your essay then you can take help from the internet and the library, but on the internet only use that data which is relevant to your topic, and the most important thing is that this data should be authentic. You should use the official website of any university or government library in order to get the data for your essay. It is also important for you to avoid plagiarism in your essay. If you collect the data from any source, then it is necessary for you to provide the reference of this source.

Set a fixed amount of time to writeWhen you are writing an essay, then at that time do not perform any other activity which will distract you from essay writing. In this regard, it is necessary for you to make timetable in order to write an essay. After making the timetable, it is also necessary for you to follow this timetable strictly. In this way, you will be able to write your essay easily.

These are the important tips that we should keep in mind when we are going to write a short essay.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Interactive Whiteboards to Enhance Academic Writing

Interactive Whiteboards
Gone are the days when students were taught concepts on the white board and were made to draw or write about them in their text books. Now students are made to learn new concepts and ideas through Interactive Whiteboards. Academic writing is made more creative and fun through interactive whiteboards.

Why Interactive Whiteboards are Helpful?
  • They are a new concept and it is in the process of emergence. So students find it interesting to use flipcharts and be able to use the whiteboard in more ways than just writing and erasing.
  • You can play videos and stream videos on the laptop directly from Youtube on the Interactive Whiteboard during lessons, it is very convenient as you don’t have to use display boards in the class and you can instead make them experience the places and concepts through videos which has more impact on them and through which learning is more effective. So when students are asked to write about the lessons, their academic writing skills flourishes.
  • Once the students see something in a video, be a part of interactive quizzes and are able to interact in the lessons, they are able to understand and remember stuff better. So when they are asked their responses and are asked to write about those concepts displayed to them, they perform better as they have taken interest in the lesson.
  • Video lessons are more powerful and interesting than a teacher dictating stuff, drawing it on whiteboard or showing it in the textbooks. They have a bigger impact on education and lessons than books.
  • Interactive Whiteboards once installed, with everything needed to make them work available such as a laptop, speakers and internet (in case you want to stream videos directly) they add much more value to the daily lessons, they make students want to participate in class activities. They develop their academic writing skills.

If you need dissertation writing help in academic writing, you should hire academic writing services online. Interactive whiteboards are a great way of making students interested in their daily lessons as once they are made available in the class, they can be used in almost all the lessons and they can contribute a lot to student’s academic writing skills as well as many others. So if you want that your whole class listens to what you speak, takes interest in subjects that are usually not very liked by students such as Geography, you might want to sneak it a request of introducing Interactive whiteboards in the class rooms.

Make students experience the places they are going to study about, make them identify places by streaming videos directly and make the most of IWB’s potential. Schools that have shifted completely from conventional styles to tech in their classrooms have witnessed great improvement in student’s skills development such as their questioning has increased as well as they have improved their academic writing skills. Embrace the technology and see the difference in the students.