Interactive Whiteboards to Enhance Academic Writing

Interactive Whiteboards
Gone are the days when students were taught concepts on the white board and were made to draw or write about them in their text books. Now students are made to learn new concepts and ideas through Interactive Whiteboards. Academic writing is made more creative and fun through interactive whiteboards.

Why Interactive Whiteboards are Helpful?
  • They are a new concept and it is in the process of emergence. So students find it interesting to use flipcharts and be able to use the whiteboard in more ways than just writing and erasing.
  • You can play videos and stream videos on the laptop directly from Youtube on the Interactive Whiteboard during lessons, it is very convenient as you don’t have to use display boards in the class and you can instead make them experience the places and concepts through videos which has more impact on them and through which learning is more effective. So when students are asked to write about the lessons, their academic writing skills flourishes.
  • Once the students see something in a video, be a part of interactive quizzes and are able to interact in the lessons, they are able to understand and remember stuff better. So when they are asked their responses and are asked to write about those concepts displayed to them, they perform better as they have taken interest in the lesson.
  • Video lessons are more powerful and interesting than a teacher dictating stuff, drawing it on whiteboard or showing it in the textbooks. They have a bigger impact on education and lessons than books.
  • Interactive Whiteboards once installed, with everything needed to make them work available such as a laptop, speakers and internet (in case you want to stream videos directly) they add much more value to the daily lessons, they make students want to participate in class activities. They develop their academic writing skills.

If you need dissertation writing help in academic writing, you should hire academic writing services online. Interactive whiteboards are a great way of making students interested in their daily lessons as once they are made available in the class, they can be used in almost all the lessons and they can contribute a lot to student’s academic writing skills as well as many others. So if you want that your whole class listens to what you speak, takes interest in subjects that are usually not very liked by students such as Geography, you might want to sneak it a request of introducing Interactive whiteboards in the class rooms.

Make students experience the places they are going to study about, make them identify places by streaming videos directly and make the most of IWB’s potential. Schools that have shifted completely from conventional styles to tech in their classrooms have witnessed great improvement in student’s skills development such as their questioning has increased as well as they have improved their academic writing skills. Embrace the technology and see the difference in the students.

Albert Barkley

Hello, my name is Albert Barkley. I am working as education consultant with a UK based firm after completion of my PhD. I like to write on different social, tech and education trends.

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