Top Scholarship Programs for Foreign Students in UK

Top Scholarship Programs
Education is not cheap and if you are looking forward to studying at one of the most popular and prestigious universities or colleges in the UK, then you certainly need to have your pockets full of money to pay for it. Students from all over the world come to the UK due to its high standard of education, the best teachers and programs as well as the top academic protocols that make coming here worth every penny. Students leave the campus with lots of wisdom, critical and analytical skills as well as the knowledge to explore the world and make their contribution.

If you are thinking of seeking admission to an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program in any UK university or college, it is necessary to find out as much as you can about the fees and other charges. Unless you have the required amounts of money to pay for your education, you might face a lot of trouble securing the admission. However, if you are a brilliant student, have scored well in your past academic endeavors, you can look forward to getting admission on a scholarship basis. The scholarships are meant to help students who are good but do not have the means to pay. With such brilliant students, universities can also boast of the talent they are nurturing.

Scholarships are bringing lot of benefits for British students as well as benefits for international students. You must know that scholarship funding has also become very competitive and UK universities and colleges attract the most talented international students who can prove their mettle and achieve something in the future. If you are also thinking about studying in the UK and that too at scholarship, you must do some homework as the British government and the UK universities provide a large number of scholarships to students who aim to excel. Listed here are the top scholarship programs for foreign students in the UK that would make the process easy for students and help them seek the funding they need:

British Chevening Scholarships:
This scholarship is funded by the UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office and partner organizations. The main aim of this scholarship is to provide complete as well as partial funding to students who look forward to a full-time graduate program in any subject.

Commonwealth Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Countries:
This scholarship mainly focuses on the students who are applying for masters and PhD degrees. This fund is meant for students who come from developing commonwealth countries and do not have the finances to pay for their degrees by themselves.

Gates Cambridge Scholarships:
These scholarships are meant for outstanding students from all countries outside the UK who wish to pursue a full-time postgraduate degree in any subject or discipline being taught at the University of Cambridge. This scholarship covers all the education costs as well as provides additional discretionary funding for deserving students.

Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford (UK):
This scholarship fund is a prestigious scheme that offers about 140 new scholarships every year to the most brilliant students coming to the University of Oxford. The scholarship is awarded based on academic performance as well as potential and is meant for all subjects and degree programs taught at the University of Oxford. With this funding, the students can get their tuition and college fees along with an allowance for living expenses.

Edinburgh Global Research Scholarships:
The University of Edinburgh offers 30 scholarships to outstanding foreign students who are interesting in pursuing a PhD research program in any field of study being offered by the institute. Each scholarship covers the difference between the tuition fees for a UK or EU graduate student and is chargeable to overseas graduate students.

Marshall Scholarships:
This scholarship program has been specially designed for US students who want to study in the UK and also hold the academic excellence, scholarship potential as well as ambassadorial abilities to do well if they secure this funding. This scholarship excluded MBA and certain other courses and the students must check them out before applying for funding.

University of West England Chancellor’s Scholarships:
Located in Bristol, the University of West England offers more than £100,000 worth of scholarships for international students every year and it includes full tuition fees for one academic year. The students who get the scholarship are required to undertake the internship working within the International Development Office and other departments.

You must find out more information about the scholarship program that suits you most so that you have complete knowledge and are prepared to satisfy the committee of your genuineness and talent. With the best scholarship program, you can look forward to a prestigious degree with help of a PhD dissertation writing service to complete your education from the best UK university.

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