An Essay on the Extinction of Fish Species around the World

Fish Species

Earth is the blue planet in the universe. Its vast oceans, rivers, and lakes are home to an extraordinarily diverse life. It protects one-third of vertebrate species, fish included. These species are now in danger of extinction due to continuously changing ecosystems and other factors. Humanity has been ignoring the damage that they are doing to the sea animals. The freshwater fish species are the most prone to extinction, as per the report of the International Union for Conversation of Nature (IUCN). Approximately one out of three fish species have been assessed to be threatened with complete extinction. So, have you ever thought about the reasons behind these massive extinction threats? If not, then let’s talk about those today in detail.

Causes of extinction of fish species

More than 32 per cent of fish species are close to extinction. Learning about the drivers of these massive extinction threats has become inevitable. It has become necessary so that humanity can take necessary action against these threats. So, let’s learn about the causes of the extinction of fish species first.


The primary cause of extinction of most fish species is overfishing. Fishing is one of the most crucial factors in reducing ocean wildlife. Catching fish and earning bread for yourself is bad for the ocean. It becomes bad when the fish catchers catch more and more fish, and the stocks get finished. It is called overfishing and poses some real threats to fish species already declared endangered by the IUCN. Overfished stocks have grown by three times over the past 50 years. So, you can think at which rate different fish species are getting extinct.

Use of Chemical:

Increased use of chemicals in the industry is also threatening fish species by destroying their habitats. Water pollution is a serious threat to fish species. In England, the sewage companies in England have discharged 200,000 metric tons of sewage into the ocean. This much water pollution is affecting the life below the water severely. Salmon and European eels have completely vanished from the rivers of England.

Climate change

Climate change is the most lethal cause of this extinction. Each year, the world is facing an increase in its temperature. Whether it is summer or winter, the temperature is on the rise. The ice is melting rapidly and causing problems for life below the water, i.e., fish species. Climate change is now threatening almost 10,967 species. All these species are on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Due to increasing temperature, the fish species are facing more and more pressure to survive under the water. New research suggests if the temperature rises by five degrees Celsius by 2100, more than 60% of the fish species can go extinct.


Fish species are facing real threats of extinction due to the processes mentioned above. Climate change is the deadliest of all, as this matter is becoming uncontrollable now. The governments, private organisations and other individuals should work together to save the fish species from going extinct. If they do not work collectively, more than 60% of fish species can go extinct by 2100.

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